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With Cart Assistant (Cart Message*) you can now offer customers a more dynamic way to interact with how much they enter in their cart.

Cart Message enables you to enter a custom amount you want to let your customers interact with and you can show them a custom positve or negative message based on how much they added to cart, this method can be used to drive customers to spend a little more on order to get some advantage whislt shopping online.

e.g If you set a free shipping method when your cart has reached £30, you can use the Cart Assistant to enter the qualifying value £30 and tell the user:

POSITIVE (if they reached 30+): "- Great! it looks like you got a free shipping for order of £35.99"
NEGATIVE (if the user is bellow -30): "- Do you know you can get a free shipping if you added another £6.98"..

Cart Assistant provides a set of options for value calculation in the cart to be used, being Total Cart amount, Products Combined amount with an without tax, Shipping total with and without tax.

With Cart Assistant you will be able to drive more customers to sales before they abandon the cart by providing them an extra advantage for shopping.

Suggested Usages

- Provide a discount/voucher code when a person added a certain amount in the cart.
- When a free shipping option is available for an amount order.
- Use it as a callout to your customers.
- Can be used with cart summary using liquid or templating.

Cart Message Instructions

In order to have Cart Assistant - Cart Message installed please follow these steps:

  • 1 - Choose your prefered location where you wish to have the app to display the message, and place the following lines of code.
    {% assign orderTotal = invoiceTotal %}
    {% include "/_System/Apps/efx-cart-assistant/_data/cart-message-init.liquid" %}
  • 2 - Cart Assistant comes Foundations 6 themed and responsive but it also contains custom classes that you can customise it to give that look and feel of the site it will work on.

    .messageContainer Main Container that displays the messages negative or positive.
    .positiveMessage Controls the theme for the POSITIVE message container.
    .negativeMessage Controls the theme for the NEGATIVE message container.
  • 3 - The custom cart pricing calculation is based by default to the cart total amount using the tag_invoicetotal within the script call if it is required to acomplish a different aproach to pricing please note tags to cart available:

    Note this line {% assign orderTotal = tag_invoicetotal %} replace the "tag_invoicetotal" with one of these:

    tag_invoicetotal - Default cart total calculation including tax and shipping.
    tag_invoicetotalextaxamount - Invoice total amount excluding tax (e.g. products ex tax + shipping ex tax)
    tag_productsubtotal - Calculated all products except shipping costs and TAX.
    tag_producttaxamount - Amount of tax for each product in the cart.
    tag_shippingtotal - Total shipping cost applied to cart.

Cart Redirect Instructions

Specify a page (via dropdown) to redirect customers too along with an optional customer message when the shopping cart has been emptied.

Suggested Usages

- Provide your customer with an offer page before leaving the site.
- Automating of the cart page when empty.
- Use it as a callout to your customers.
- Display offers and discount codes using the sleek dialog message.

  • 1 - Cart Redirect script instalation. USING BC ADMIN - Site Manager > Module Templates > Online Shop Layouts > Shopping Cart USING SFTP CLIENT (Dreamweaver) or BC DEVELOP - Layouts/OnlineShop/shoping_cart-XX.html Once you have your template open, place the following line within the code of the cart sumary layout.
    {% include "/_System/Apps/efx-cart-assistant/_data/cart-redirect-init.liquid" %}
  • 2 - Cart Redirect Usage The cart redirect is essentially created to enable customers to be redirected to a special page within the site when the shopping cart is empty, by choosing one of the pages from your site from the dropdown and clicking save it will automatically redirect customers to the selected page, (it will not allow redirection to a different page other than the site pages), a message is optional to let users know why they are being redirected you may enter the name of the page they are being redirected to within the message dialog by using the keyword pageName.

Version Change Log

Cart Assistant 1.0 13.09.2017 - Cart Message / Cart Redirect

Cart Assistant 1.1 - COMING SOON!

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